My Gay Fabulous Life: Rules

So this Labor Day weekend, I got to see some of my most favorite people!! Those people being Kaitlyn and Annie.  I went up to Ogden and got to meet their cute puppy, who isn't a puppy anymore, Sophie! I think she loves me so that is good! Anyway, we went out on the town, and by the town I mean Salt Lake to Hydrate which is also known as Club Sound. A while back we tried going there and it was a disaster. But this time around, it was a much different story. It might have been different because I am more comfortable with my sexuality therefore I am more comfortable as a person, meaning I am more fun to be around. Or it could be because I came out to my parents and they still love me so whatever anyone else thinks has no weight on my behavior? Probably both. It could have also been the right amount of alcohol. Anyway, we went and we danced and met people and I met up with my cousin who was there and we talked and danced and met more people! It was great! I wasn't afraid to tell t…

My Fabulous Life: My Favorite Things Edition

I am not Oprah and reading this will not get you free swag, maybe some validation or some warm feelings in your chest because you totally know what I am talking about, and if that is the case, well, Hollllaaaaa! I just want to name some of my favorite things. I have a lot, but here are some worth mention at this point in time!

Running errands with friends. There is something really cool and special about someone calling you up to run errands with them. I know its small and maybe seems meaningless, but I just love spending time with people I love doing mundane things. It makes me feel loved that someone would want me there as they shop for groceries or go the post office. It's always the small things!

I have been watching Dr. Who and let me just tell you: WOW! That show is amazing! But one of my favorite parts of the show, is his first companion. Miss Rose Tyler! She is witty, charming, and simply lovely. She needs to come back and stay forever, Billie Piper does an amazing job. Go…

My Fabulous Life: Feelings Editon

I have been told that I feel too intensely. Is it true? Yeah, yeah it is. But I was thinking about it today and I just don't know how else you would feel? It sounds like a ridiculous question, I know, but honestly! For example, how else do you tell your homies that you are really disappointed that you aren't better at learning to swim without saying that going "swimming" was the most embarrassing experience of your life and telling them you will be drowning in your bathtub? Or when you and your friends fight, how do you not feel like your friendship is ending as well as the whole world around you? 
Why do I feel so "passionately?" We could go with the stereotype and say it is because I am Latina, or maybe it is because as a young child only the strong emotions got noticed and now that is the only way I know how to feel. It is a curse and blessing all at once. How do you love someone if it is not a 110%? This is something I am working on currently, because s…

My Gay Fabulous Life: Coming Out Edition

I am gay. So there is that. As a gay person, there is always the fun process of coming out. I mean, I am sure everyone comes out in one way or another. For example, I read an article in Time Magazine and this journalist came out as an illegal immigrant and I was surprised at how easily I could relate. Not because I am an illegal immigrant (which I am not), but because we experienced the same fears.Some people come out to their families as being liberal or a Ute fan or a HoneyBoo Boo fan. I am sure we can all relate to that feeling of nervousness and fear that runs through us as we state what we need to state.  Being gay has given me the opportunity to come out, oh so many times. And each time I feel like throwing up. The first time I came out, I came out to my therapist, and myself. That was rough and a real punch in the gut. I guess I have always felt different, but finally admitting that maybe I did not want to marry a tall handsome man and have his babies was a hard reality.  I read …


It is the start of a new year and we all get the chance to sit back and reflect on our lives and shit. Well, let me start by saying that 2012 for me was a year of self discovery and heart breaking tv shows. haha In all seriousness, Grey's this past year was heart wrenching. Real talk. Also, I turned 21 this year and I got to experience the bar scene. It wasn't as great as I hoped it would be...I do love me some tequila though! haha

No, but really. I have so much to be thankful for, and with every minute that passes I am able to realize just how blessed I truly am. I want to start off by saying that I always thought that I was good at emotions and dealing with them...lies. That notion was nothing more than a pipe dream. So this past year, I worked on really talking about what I was feeling with the people it involved (even if that meant talking to myself). I worked on being honest and blunt. Now, that didn't always make me come off as nice...being blunt sometimes means bein…

Baby Jae (Gillbert)

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to Manti to attend Jaelyn's farewell. Homegirl, decided that she needed to serve a mission. Well, Jae is one of my bffs and her leaving me to go anywhere is not ideal, even though, she was leaving me to go to St. George and do an internship for a big shot Senator had she not gone on a mission.
Well, I know now that Jaelyn going on a mission is her destiny. I was sitting in church, and she was speaking and it just hit very powerfully, how amazing she is going to be as a missionary. I mean, she could easily convert all of Florida if they would let her.  You know those people that can help you feel the spirit by just standing next to you? She is one of those people. I like to call people like her "spiritual crack."  I have been having a really hard time with the idea of her leaving on a jet plane, but I realized very quickly sitting in the middle of all these children in her ward, that she needs to go save some souls.
For those …

Killer Bunnies

I am sitting in the living room of my dear friends and I want to play killer bunnies and they are talking about a freaking date! This is utter bullshit! I just want to play killer bunnies!