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If you had a day to live....

I just watched a  commercial and the question it posed, was if you had an extra hour in your life what would you do with the extra time? And it got me thinking. What would you do if you ran out of time?! What would you say?

I would spend that day with my family. I would throw a party at my house! I would have so much food that I helped my mom cook, because if you know me, you know I cannot cook! I would have pinatas and good music we can dance to and it would be amazing. It would take me back to my childhood. I would tell me family how much they mean to me, because I know that I haven't said it enough, I never could! I would thank them, for being there for me and putting up with my wild way! I would just want to be surrounded by the people I love so I can be reminded of how thankful I should be for all the blessing that came from being part of my family. Also, I would request to drive a jeep haha

Tell me, what would you do? Why would you do the things you decided on? How would yo…

Sur de France

Today, in my French class a student did a presentation of the south of France. And I decided then and there that I will be going there one day. It was so beautiful. I cannot wait!!


As you have noticed I have deleted most of my blog. I felt like I was getting to deep and I want this blog to be fun and not so personal. I need to keep a personal journal! But I am starting over and hopefully make this blog a source of information, or a place of fun and happy!!