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My Gay Fabulous Life: Coming Out Edition

I am gay. So there is that. As a gay person, there is always the fun process of coming out. I mean, I am sure everyone comes out in one way or another. For example, I read an article in Time Magazine and this journalist came out as an illegal immigrant and I was surprised at how easily I could relate. Not because I am an illegal immigrant (which I am not), but because we experienced the same fears.Some people come out to their families as being liberal or a Ute fan or a HoneyBoo Boo fan. I am sure we can all relate to that feeling of nervousness and fear that runs through us as we state what we need to state.  Being gay has given me the opportunity to come out, oh so many times. And each time I feel like throwing up. The first time I came out, I came out to my therapist, and myself. That was rough and a real punch in the gut. I guess I have always felt different, but finally admitting that maybe I did not want to marry a tall handsome man and have his babies was a hard reality.  I read …