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My Fabulous Life: Feelings Editon

I have been told that I feel too intensely. Is it true? Yeah, yeah it is. But I was thinking about it today and I just don't know how else you would feel? It sounds like a ridiculous question, I know, but honestly! For example, how else do you tell your homies that you are really disappointed that you aren't better at learning to swim without saying that going "swimming" was the most embarrassing experience of your life and telling them you will be drowning in your bathtub? Or when you and your friends fight, how do you not feel like your friendship is ending as well as the whole world around you? 
Why do I feel so "passionately?" We could go with the stereotype and say it is because I am Latina, or maybe it is because as a young child only the strong emotions got noticed and now that is the only way I know how to feel. It is a curse and blessing all at once. How do you love someone if it is not a 110%? This is something I am working on currently, because s…