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My Fabulous Life: My Favorite Things Edition

I am not Oprah and reading this will not get you free swag, maybe some validation or some warm feelings in your chest because you totally know what I am talking about, and if that is the case, well, Hollllaaaaa! I just want to name some of my favorite things. I have a lot, but here are some worth mention at this point in time!

Running errands with friends. There is something really cool and special about someone calling you up to run errands with them. I know its small and maybe seems meaningless, but I just love spending time with people I love doing mundane things. It makes me feel loved that someone would want me there as they shop for groceries or go the post office. It's always the small things!

I have been watching Dr. Who and let me just tell you: WOW! That show is amazing! But one of my favorite parts of the show, is his first companion. Miss Rose Tyler! She is witty, charming, and simply lovely. She needs to come back and stay forever, Billie Piper does an amazing job. Go…