My Gay Fabulous Life: Rules

So this Labor Day weekend, I got to see some of my most favorite people!! Those people being Kaitlyn and Annie.  I went up to Ogden and got to meet their cute puppy, who isn't a puppy anymore, Sophie! I think she loves me so that is good! Anyway, we went out on the town, and by the town I mean Salt Lake to Hydrate which is also known as Club Sound. A while back we tried going there and it was a disaster. But this time around, it was a much different story. It might have been different because I am more comfortable with my sexuality therefore I am more comfortable as a person, meaning I am more fun to be around. Or it could be because I came out to my parents and they still love me so whatever anyone else thinks has no weight on my behavior? Probably both. It could have also been the right amount of alcohol. Anyway, we went and we danced and met people and I met up with my cousin who was there and we talked and danced and met more people! It was great! I wasn't afraid to tell the people I thought were beautiful, that they were beautiful. You won't believe the smiles I got! They were fabulous! I never actually wanted to leave! So shout out to my homegirls for helping me have some fun!

While I was down there, Annie clued me in on some rules that every lesbian should know. I still have some struggles with labels because I don't believe those are as important as people think they are. So, if you twist some of these things to fit you, then these rules really become rules everyone should know, but I am going to call them "Rules that every gay should know."

  1. Don't fall for straight women. (Applies to everyone. i.e. if you are a straight woman, don't fall for a gay man. If you are a gay man don't fall for a straight man.)
  2. Know at least two people in the gay community in your area. (or whatever community you are in.)
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, sleep with anyone in your circle of gay friends. (or just circle of friends.)
  4. Do not sleep with your friends exes. (This really seems like common sense, but Annie and Curtis both told me it isn't as common as I think, I should probably watch more Maury.)
This is as far as we got, I think. I believe these to be good rules to follow as I grow into my gay self. I feel like I have broken at least the first two already, which is why these rules were explained to me. I am discovering new things about who I am, and those things change how I see myself, the world and the people in it. Essentially the point of these rules is to make my life easier, and who doesn't love an easier life? So I guess my question to you is, what are some other rules that you think should be added to my short list? Let me know, because this is important! :)


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