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I went with it.

Well, I have risen from the ashes. I am sitting here thinking of ways I could explain my happiness, but words fail me. They fail me every time. I don't how this happened. But that is where the beauty of faith comes into play.

Lets start from the beginning. My parents raised me a sense. I was baptized, but I realize now that it was more tradition then anything else. I never really understood the meaning of it all. I did my confirmation and first communion not feeling anything. Which, now I understand was super disrespectful on my behalf. I know better now. Well, as I've spoken about before in prior blogs, I was in a severe rut. I couldn't find my way out. Until one day I decided that I need to get my life together. I need to change my attitude and I needed to stop aiming for perfection. And it was before I made my move down to Cedar City. I realized that Cedar is where I wanted to be, that I needed to make it work! I needed to work a little harder. And I did. …