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My Gay Fabulous Life: Rules

So this Labor Day weekend, I got to see some of my most favorite people!! Those people being Kaitlyn and Annie.  I went up to Ogden and got to meet their cute puppy, who isn't a puppy anymore, Sophie! I think she loves me so that is good! Anyway, we went out on the town, and by the town I mean Salt Lake to Hydrate which is also known as Club Sound. A while back we tried going there and it was a disaster. But this time around, it was a much different story. It might have been different because I am more comfortable with my sexuality therefore I am more comfortable as a person, meaning I am more fun to be around. Or it could be because I came out to my parents and they still love me so whatever anyone else thinks has no weight on my behavior? Probably both. It could have also been the right amount of alcohol. Anyway, we went and we danced and met people and I met up with my cousin who was there and we talked and danced and met more people! It was great! I wasn't afraid to tell t…